Current Proposed Mining Projects in Cailifornia National Forests

Total of Twenty (20) Projects in Five (5) National Forests

January 2013

National Forest

Mining Project


Project Type


Black Point Cinder Mine EA - Mining Proposal


The proposal described in the Plan of Operations will expand mining operations at an existing cinder mine over a period of fifteen years

Chispa/Australia Too Mineral Exploration


Process a Plan of Operations for mineral exploration

San Bernardino

Mitsubishi Cement Corporation South Quarry Plan of Operation


Mitsubishi Cement Corporation (MCC) is proposing to develop and reclaim a new 153.6 acre high grade limestone quarry, the South Quarry

Omya Butterfield & Sentinel Quarries Expansion Plans of Operation Amendment


Omya California is submitting to the Forest and County, for permitting, an amended Plan of Operations and Reclamation Plan for an expansion of 28.8 acres for the Butterfield 3 Quarry and 22 acres for the Sentinel Quarry.

Shasta Trinity

Homestake Consolidated Mining Claim Exploration


A mining operations proposal to sample for valuable mineral deposits on Homestake Consolidated Mine. Approximately 3,000 cubic yards of material are proposed to be excavated and processed onsite by a trommel wash plant system. Reclamation will occur.

McD's Placer #1 Mine Exploration Operation


Mining claimants, on McD's Placer #1 mine, propose to construct a .25 mile temp road, excavate 9 sample plots totalling 1000 cubic yards, process samples by gravity wash classification system, and conclude with reclamation of the disturbed site


Discovery Placer Exploration Project


Claimant proposes to sample the sub-surface material along the remnant stream terrace of Eureka Creek to assess mineral content. Up to 20 test trenches would be excavated with a backhoe.

Lock 3 Mining Exploration


Mineral exploration at the Lock 3 Mine. The proposal includes trenching with a backhoe to uncover mineral deposits. Material will be scanned with a metal detector. Waste rock and soil will be returned to the trench.

7N7 Mining Plan of Operations


Use of backhoe/frontloader to dig sample holes up to 10 ft deep. Total of 25 cy or less. Materail to be sluiced in Nelson creek. Occupancy on claim in campers, with toilets/porta-potties.

Geraldine Mining Plan of Operations


Exploratory work in existing mine adit. Travel on non-system road and staging area near adit.

HDH/Millet Mining Plan of Operations


Placer mining. Panning, sluicing, dredging. Use of non-system road.

Jim Dandy Mining Plan
of Operations


Placer mining operations on Poorman Creek. Use of backhoe within stream channel, diversion of stream, long term occupancy, use of existing shed.

Last Chance Mining Plan of Operations


Placer mining along Slate Creek. Dredging, panning and sluicing. Use of non-system road and gated access.

Phred View Mining Plan of Operations


Lode mining in Quartz outcrop, using hand tools. Use of non-sytem road. Long term occupancy.

Taber Mine Plan of Operations


Continued Maintenance and clearing of the existing adit. Repair and maintenance of the access road. Use of backhoe to transport material from the adit to the wash plant. Use and maintenance of the settling pond. Use of the historic cabin.

Dark Ravine Placer #1
& #2


The project will utilize a rubber wheeled mini excavator to dig 4 test holes within an old road bed. The test holes will remove approximately 50 cubic yards of material. Material will be procesed through a trommel.

El Rico Mina Placer Mining Project


Proposal to conduct placer mining operations along the edge of the road utilizing a backhoe and bulldozer. Proposal also includes sampling within the road bed itself, utilizing an auger to remove sample material.

R.E. Dahlen's Placer Plan of Operations


Proposal to conduct placer mining operations on North Fork of the Feather River, including using a backhoe to dig a pit, process the materials on site using a trommel, long term occupancy, use and maintenance of an access road, use of water system.

Sunset Consolidated (China Bar) Placer Mining


Use of an excavator to remove material from a terraced area approximately 200 feet upslope of the river. A conveyor, wash plant and sluice box will be used for processing. Water will be pumped from an existing settling pond.


80's Mining Plan of Operations


Placer mining operations for the exploration and extraction of gold from the stream channel in Greenhorn Creek and maintenance of the access roads.

Note One: These projects allow mining corporations to explore for valuable minerals. The exploration is always approved by the Forest Service. For these exploration projects the acreage of the mine is not given, nor the number of trees impacted.

Note Two: In these records, the Forest Service does not distinguish between a small, sustainable projects by hobbyists and massive destructive projects that demolish tens of thousands mature trees, leaving barren waste piles and pits a mile in diameter and over 1,000 feet deep.