Current Proposed Mining Projects in Colorado National Forests

Total of Fourteen (14) Projects in Five (5) National Forests


January 2013

National Forest

Mining Project


Project Type

Pike and
San Isabel

Willow Creek Mine Expansion


Expansion of private mining operations onto NFS lands. Total proposed disturbance = 70 acres; 15 acres disturbed at any one time. Gold extraction using open pit method.

Amazonite No. 8, reissue


Re-issue of short-term (one year or less) mineral proposal includes using a small backhoe and hand digging tools (pick & shovel) to deepen one existing pit totaling 2,500 sq.ft. Existing system and non-system roads will be used to access the area.

Gold Prospectors of Colorado Beaver Creek Placer Mine


Group and club activity authorizing small scale placer mining using gold pans, sluice boxes and smaller motorized dredges. Occasional backhoe use.


San Juan

Compass Exploration Inc.(minerals) RAD Exploration Project


Proposal to drill 2 exploratory wells. Wells to be located on existing roads and log landings whenever possible. Each hole would be 2000 feet deep and have a sump area 18x30x3 feet deep. Proposal is for exploration only.



Tim Hubbell, Minerals Exploration


Tim Hubbel proposes to excavate a series of 10 to 12 trenches to obtain evidence of mineralization using a rubber tracked mini-excavator . Estimated ground disturbance is less the 1/2 acre. Reclamation will be concurrent with trench effort.





Grand Mesa Uncompahgre & Gunnison

Anderson Pit Development Plan


Refresh NEPA and Pit Development Plan

Military Prk Development Plan


Refresh NEPA and Pit Development Plan

Owl Creek Gravel Pit Expansion


Develop a pit development plan to expand existing gravel pit.

Spruce Stomp Federal Lease-by-Application (COC-75916)


Bowie Resources has submitted a federal competitive coal lease-by-application for approximately 1,813 acres. The lease contains lands managed by the Paonia Ranger District of the GMUG NF, Uncompahgre Field Office of the BLM, as well as other split estate lands.

Federal Coal Lease Modifications COC-1362 & COC-67232


The Forest Service is considering consenting to BLM modifying ArkLand's existing federal coal leases COC-1362 and COC-67232 by adding 1,722 cumulative acres to them.

SG Interests, Federal 11-90-9 #3 Application for Permit to Drill


Paonia Ranger District proposes to authorize SG Interests to exercise lease rights and conduct surface operations associated with accessing, drilling, testing, and completing a multiple-well drill pad on the Gunnison National Forest

Rio Grande

Rio Grande Silver Bulldog Portal Project


Rio Grande Silver, Inc. is proposing to open the Bulldog portal on the old Homestake mine as part of their on-going mineral exploration project. The proposal is to open the portal, draw down the water water, treat and return it to surface flow.

Arapaho and Roosevelt

Bueno Mine Core Drilling


The Forest Service proposes to approve a Plan of Operations to drill core holes


Note One: These projects allow mining corporations to explore for valuable minerals. The exploration is always approved by the Forest Service. For these exploration projects the acreage of the mine is not given, nor the number of trees impacted.

Note Two: In these records, the Forest Service does not distinguish between a small, sustainable projects by hobbyists and massive destructive projects that demolish tens of thousands mature trees, leaving barren waste piles and pits a mile in diameter and over 1,000 feet deep.