Current Proposed Mining Projects in Montana National Forests

Total of Fifteen (15) Projects in Four (4) National Forests

January 2013


National Forest

Mining Project


Project Type


Butte Highland Mine Road Use


Butte Highlands JV, LLC of Butte, Montana has submitted a Plan of Operations (POO) to use National Forest System roads for activities that are incidental to their mining operations on private land.

Last Chance Exploration Plan of Operation


Exploration to quantify the extent, volume, grade, and type of mineralization in the claims block to determine if further exploration and/or mining activities are warranted. Drilling involves a 200 foot hole and a 400 foot hole at each of 4 sites.

Christain #1 Minerals Exploration Project


The Forest Service received a Plan of Operation to explore for minerals on unpatented mining claims located in T8N, R12W, section 11 approximately 16 miles northwest of Deer Lodge, Montana in the Master Mine area.

Collins Access Road


Tom Collins of Missoula has submitted a Plan of Operations (POO) to build an access road across National Forest System (NFS) lands to explore for minerals on his patented mining claim (private land).

Smart Creek Minerals Exploration #2


Frank Antonioli of Butte has submitted a Plan of Operations (POO) to explore for minerals on unpatented mining claims located in T8N, R13W, section 6, approximately 10 miles north of Philipsburg, Montana.


SMC Blitz Proj Surface & Mineral Exploration


Exploratory core drilling proposed & reclamation at 4 drill sites accessed by helicopter. Up to five holes would be drilled at each site. Total proposed ground disturbance is approx. 0.16 acres.



Lewis & Clark







3 J's Placer Sampling


Operator will use an backhoe excavator to flatten a path into his claim area and explore 5 different locations. Each hole will be approx 2' x 10' removing approx 4 cubic yds/hole, then shaken into a 400 gal tank & redeposited back to hole & rehabbed.

Peanut and P.F. Placer Sampling


Project proposes to dig six 4'L X 20'W X 6' mineral test pits using a rubber tires back-hoe. Sample material will be tested using a wash plant and then will be returned to the test pits and have top soil placed back on top.

Second Creek Placer


A total of five test holes are proposed 10x25'x 5-10' deep. The holes will be dug with a rubber tire backhoe. a small wash plant will be used for testing th ematerials. Test materials will be replaced in teh test hole and the top soil replaced.

Baldy Mountain


An operator will be removing sample materials from the side of FS Rd. #1826. Operator will remove ~77 cu. yards of sample materials to private land for testing, and then will return materials back to test pit.


Rock Creek Mine


The Rock Creek Mine is a proposal for a copper/silver mine under the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness in Sanders County Montana on the Kootenai National Forest. The proposal includes an associated mill, tailings storage facility and a waste water treatment.

Williams Plan of Opera-tion - Vermilion River Mineral Exploration


Small mine operation. Project would approve exploration pits and require restoration by November 1, 2011.


Montanore Project


The Kootenai National Forest, in conjunction with Montana's Dept. of Environmental Quality will prepare an EIS for a proposal to permit the development of the Montanore silver/copper mine and associated power transmission line by Mines Management Inc.

Black Diamond Mine Road Access and Exploration


Access and exploration of existing mine portal. Bulk sample removal of material for testing offsite.

Troy Mine Revised Reclamation Plan


Troy Mine, Inc.of Troy, MT has proposed to revise the Reclamation Plan for its copper and silver mining and milling operation.



Note One: These projects allow mining corporations to explore for valuable minerals. The exploration is always approved by the Forest Service. For these exploration projects the acreage of the mine is not given, nor the number of trees impacted.

Note Two: In these records, the Forest Service does not distinguish between a small, sustainable projects by hobbyists and massive destructive projects that demolish tens of thousands mature trees, leaving barren waste piles and pits a mile in diameter and over 1,000 feet deep.