Secretary Visack and Chief Tidwell are destroying our National Forests—FOREVER—and lying about it!!

With a Mission Statement of "Caring for the Land and Serving the People" the National Forest Service is running a deception that equals any of the other deceptions in most departments of the U. S. Government.

Currently 44 National Forests in the western U.S. are threatened by 170 non-sustainable hardrock mining projects = big pits, toxic lake, piles of slurry, end of wildlife habitat and depleted and polluted water. While Vilsack and Tidwell are telling the media: National Forests in the West were created for wildlife, water supply and recreation!]

How many acres will these 170 projects destroy?—they don't keep those records

How many acres are currently being destroyed?—they don't keep those records

How much money are the U.S. taxpayers paying for the clean-up of old mines?—they don't keep those records.

[If you can get the information, please send it to me: Nancy Freeman

Duplicity Central:

Forest Service management emphasize securing and protecting of water supply. The Forest Service is crunching out hundreds of reports that cost we taxpayers millions of dollars, while they are permitting the utter destruction of the water supply, the forest that brings in and holds clouds and moisture, and the trees that help the water to soak into the ground, so it does not flood the surrounding region.

Of the 44 National Forests currently under permitting for destruction, only four are listed on the Internet:

Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests - Projects

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest - Projects - USDA Forest Service

Superior National Forest - Projects - USDA Forest Service

White River National Forest - Projects - USDA Forest Service

An example of the hype that the Forest Service puts out comes from Scott Fitzwilliams, Forest Supervisor, White River National Forest in Gypsum, Colorado where they are permitting the destruction of ??? acres of land and ??? gals of water. The Supervisor has swallowed the "keep your job "Kool-aide," he never mentions mining projects in progress.

Welcome to the White River National Forest! You have chosen to visit one of the crown jewels of our nation's public land system. As stewards of this remarkable landscape, the employees of the White River National Forest invite you to discover, experience, and appreciate all it has to offer. Your National Forests are part of a public land system that serves as a foundation for our nation's strength and vitality. They provide fresh water, clean air, scenic open spaces, abundant habitat for wildlife, and endless recreation opportunities for citizens to enjoy. Our goal is to conserve these lands working alongside communities, partners, and volunteers to ensure you and generations to come continue to enjoy all the many benefits your National Forests have to offer.

If you or I (the owners of the National Forest) were to cut even a limb off a tree in a National Forest, we would be fined. Nancy Freeman spoke on this duplicity of the Forest Service in a public hearing in Arizona, January, 2012: Hold the Forest Service employees responsible for the destruction of our trees

And even though the Forest Service employees step in line with the National Policy dictated by the current administration and Vilsack and Tidwell—not all of them like it. The employees traditionally score the leaders low--but this year it was an all time low: the agency's "leadership" scored an all-time low with "senior" leaders ranking 286th out of 300 agencies.

Currently Threatened Forests

At the present time, forty-four National Forest "Reserves" are being threatened with 170 projects in the West (we are calculating other states).

Alaska: Total of Fifteen (15) Projects in Two (2) National Forests

Arizona: Total of Twelve (12) Projects in Four (4) National Forests

California: Total of Twenty (20) Projects in Five (5) National Forests

Colorado: Total of Fourteen (14) Projects in Five (5) National Forests

Idaho: Total of Thirty-six (36) Projects in Seven (7) National Forests

Michigan: Total of One (1) Project in One (1) National Forest

Montana: Total of Fifteen (15) Projects in Four (4) National Forests

N ew Mexico: Total of Three (3) Projects in One (1) National Forest

Nevada: Total of Sixteen (16) Projects in One (1) National Forest

Oregon: Total of Sixteen (16) Projects in Six (6) National Forests

Utah: Total of Twelve (12) Projects in Five (5) National Forests

Washington: Total of Ten (10) Projects in Three (3) National Forests